We Are Patriots
Book information
Author Kristiana Gregory
Series My America
Publishers Scholastic
Publication date May 1, 2002[1]
Pages 112
ISBN 9780439210393
Book in series 8
Preceded by Five Smooth Stones
Followed by When Freedom Comes
Publication order
Preceded by As Far As I Can See
Followed by Flying Free

We Are Patriots: Hope's Diary, Book Two is a book in the My America series by Scholastic. It was the second book in the series to feature the character, Hope Potter. It was published in May 2002 and was written by Kristiana Gregory.


"Dedicated to a new patriot, Han Shu-Chuan Gregory, with admiration and love."

Book descriptionEdit

"In Book One, Hope's life changes dramatically as the Revolutionary War breaks out. Now, as America continues to battle for independence, Hope must stay strong–and hope each day for victory!"



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Kristiana Gregory (born 1951 in Los Angeles, California) is a children's author. Her debut novel, Jenny of the Tetons won the Golden Kite Award for Fiction. Gregory has written five books in Dear America, three in The Royal Diaries, and three in My America.


Main article: When Freedom Comes


"Thank you to Thomas Tulba at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, for his kind generosity in answering questions and directiong me to source material."


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