The Trenches





Book information
Author Jim Eldridge
Series My Story
Publishers Scholastic UK
Publication date April 19, 2002[1] (1st)
May 5, 2008[2] (2nd)
January 2, 2014[3] (3rd)
May 5, 2016[4] (4th)
Pages 144
ISBN 9780439994224
Book in series 3
Preceded by Trafalgar
Followed by Battle of Britain

The Trenches is a My Story book written by Jim Eldridge. It was Eldridge's first entry in the series. The book was first published in April 2002 by Scholastic UK. It was republished three times in May 2008, January 2014, and May 2016 with new cover art.


"To my wife, Lynne"

Book descriptionEdit

"June 1917
Mustard gas! A feeling of panic hit me and I scrambled to get my respirator over my face before the killer gas got into my mouth and nose and burnt my lungs. It burned everything it touched. Eyes. Skin. And it always found a way in. Like now, I could feel where it had crept up inside the sleeves of my uniform and the skin on my arms felt like it was on fire. I threw myself into a muddy hole, pushing my arms under water, but I knew it was already too late. I stumbled to my feet, saturated, with the weight of wet mud clinging to me. I couldn't move. I couldn't see...

"It's 1917 and Billy Stevens is a telegraph operator stationed near Ypres. The Great War has been raging for three years when Billy finds himself taking part in the deadly Big Push forward. But he is shocked to discover that the bullets of his fellow soldiers aren't just aimed at the enemy..."



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