Road to War



Book information
Author Valerie Wilding
Series My Story
Publishers Scholastic UK
Publication date May 5, 2008[1] (1st)
June 4, 2015[2] (2nd)
Pages 188
ISBN 9781407104614
Book in series 21
Preceded by Pompeii
Followed by Highway Girl

Road to War: A First World War Girl's Diary is a book written by Valerie Wilding. It is the twenty-first book in My Story to feature a female protagonist. The book was published in May 2008 and reissued in June 2014.


"For Frederick John Harris, my Uncle Fred"

Book descriptionEdit

"It's 1917 and the Great War rages in Europe. When Daffy Rowntree's brother goes missing in action she refuses to sit safely in England, and determines to do something to help win the war. Soon she finds herself in the mud and horror of the battlefields of France, driving an ambulance transporting the wounded of the trenches..."



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Valerie Wilding is a children's author. She wrote six books for the My Story series, including Bloody Tower, The Queen's Spies, Highway Girl, No Way Back, and Wartime Princess. Road to War was her first for the My Story relaunch and was followed closely by her second, Highway Girl.


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