Riding with Thunderbolt: The Diary of Ben Cross is a historical fiction book written by Allan Baillie. It is the thirteenth book in the My Australian Story series. The book was first published in April 2004 and republished in July 2013 with new cover art.

Book descriptionEdit

"When Ben Cross runs away from his brutal uncle, he is looking for adventure. But he finds much more than that when he joins the bushranger Thunderbolt and becomes 'cockatoo'–or lookout–for the bushranger's gang. In between raiding cattle stations, inns, stores and mail coaches, Ben befriends Thunderbolt's wife, Mary Ann, helping in her endless hunt for food and hiding places in the wilderness. But at the end of a year of running from the law, of dramatic rescue and desperate shootouts, both Ben and Thunderbolt know they must give up the bushranging life. If they can..."



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