Refugee: The Diary of Ali Ismail is a fictional diary written by Alan Sunderland for the My Australian Story series. The book was published in June 2006 and again in May 2010. It was followed by Christopher Cheng's The Melting Pot.


Book description

"Ali Ismail is a refugee. Fleeing persecution in Afghanistan, Ali is smuggled away from his family. He eventually finds himself on a ramshackle boat bound for Australia. But instead of winning freedom, Ali and his companions are taken to a detention centre in the South Australian outback. For twelve long months, as he waits to find out whether he will be allowed to stay, Ali must endure the hardship and despair of mandatory detention. He briefly experiences life outside the razor-wire fences of Woomera—but all too soon he must return, to await his fate."

"I heard the voice of my father, arguing with the Taliban. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but I could tell he was angry, and then I could tell they were all angry. My uncle has told me that the Taliban pass through all the villages in our valley, and they take boys like me to fight with them.
Ali Ismail is a refugee. After the Taliban kill his father, Ali flees Afghanistan, arriving in Australia on a ramshackle boat. He is looking for freedom, but instead he is taken to a detention centre in the South Australian outback. Imprisoned behind the razor wire, Ali waits to discover whether he will be sent back to Afghanistan, or given the chance to start a new life in Australia.



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