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Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos (c. 100? B.C. – 51 B.C.), also known as King Ptolemy Auletes, was an Egyptian pharaoh during the Ptolemaic dynasty. He ruled Egypt from 80 B.C. to 51 B.C. His favorite daughter, Cleopatra VII succeeded him on the throne.


Early life

King Auletes was born sometime during 100 B.C. He married twice, including to Cleopatra V. Auletes had five children, including three daughters, Tryphaena, Berenice, and Cleopatra VII, and two sons, Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV.

57 B.C. – 55 B.C.

In 57 B.C., Auletes fled Alexandria, after his slave, Mento died protecting him from a deadly snake. Auletes traveled with his daughter, Cleopatra to seek aid in Rome. Cleopatra helped bolster his appearance in front of the Roman generals, who had no respect for him. He quickly wasted time, while Cleopatra was away in Herculaneum for the summer, causing their departure to be delayed.

Their leaving is delayed again, when Cicero spoke out against Rome helping Auletes. The Senate must hear all arguments, pushing their departure to next year. King Auletes was finally allowed to leave and with Rome's support, he reclaimed his throne in 55 B.C. He also had his daughter, Berenice beheaded for crowning herself in his absence.

Later life

King Auletes continued to rule Egypt until his death in 51 B.C. Upon his death, Cleopatra and his son, Ptolemy XIII, became co-rulers over Egypt.

Personality and traits

Auletes was portrayed as an excessive drinker. His drinking often got in the way of their progress home and caused him health problems. During these times, Cleopatra acted as his nursemaid. His nickname "Auletes", which means "the flute player", came from his enjoyment of playing the flute while drunk.

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