Our Don Bradman: The Diary of Victor McDonald is a book in the My Australian Story series by Scholastic Australia. It was written by Peter Allen and first published in June 2004. The book was reissued in November 2006 and November 2010.


"To my children, Trent and Caitlin."

Book descriptionEdit

"Victor McDonald is cricket mad. He plays for his school team and his dream is to meet his cricketing hero, Don Bradman. But Australia is in the grip of the Great Depression. Work isn't easy to come by. Victor's father has lost his job and the family is moving to Sydney. Despite the daily struggle for life in inner Sydney, Victor not only sees Don Bradman in action, he even gets to meet him. With the England cricket team coming to Australia, Victor knows it's going to be a great cricket season. But England has some nasty surprises in store. This will be one cricket season the Australians–and Victor–will never forget."



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