On Board the Boussole: The Diary of Julienne Fulbert, also titled Voyage to Botany Bay, is a book written by Christine Edwards. The book was the ninth book in the My Australian Story series. It was published in June 2002 and reissued in July 2012.

Book descriptionEdit

"Julienne roams the fortress tunnels of Brest, France, cold, hungry and knowing only one thing about herself-her name. Soon she must abandon even that remnant of her identity. She becomes Jules, ship's boy, journeying to Botany Bay and beyond on a voyage of discovery for the glory of France led by Commander Lapérouse. Jules/Julienne sees new and strange things on board the Boussole, but what she would most like to discover is her own history: who is Julienne Fulbert?"



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"The author wishes to thank the following people and organisations for their support, and historical expertise: Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney Des Cowley, Rare Books Curator, State Library of Victoria; Lapérouse Museum and Visitor Centre, Botany Bay Pierre-Louis Bérard, Président, Association Lapérouse, Albi, France; Reece Discombe, who between 1958 and 1964 rediscovered the exact site of the Astrolabe and located the site of the Boussole, for his correspondence and photographs; Warwick Hurst, Curator of Manuscripts, State Library of New South Wales; Two definitive historical works: Russell Shelton, From Hudson Bay to Botany Bay, NC Press, Canada 1987; Capitaine de Vaisseau de Brossard, Rendez-vous avec Lapérouse à Vanikoro, Editions France-Empire, Paris, 1964; And to: Leone Peguero; Devron, Ryan, Emily and Stuart Edwards."


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