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Character information
Full name Nzingha Kiluanji of Matamba[1]
Nzingha Ndambi[2]
Nicknames Ana de Sousa (Christian name)[2]
Gender Female
Born c. 1582[2]
Died December 17, 1663[3]
Hair color
Eye color
Residence Kabasa, Ndongo[4]
Time period July 1595 – September 1596
Family Ndambi Kiluanji (father)
Kangela (mother)
Mbandi (half-brother)
Mukambu (younger sister)
Kifunji (younger sister)
Unnamed (son)
Relationships Azeze (husband)
Appears in Nzingha: Warrior Queen of Matamba
"I am accused of being independent. It is true, I suppose, for I would rather be kept in an open basket than a lukata–a box."

Nzingha Kiluanji of Matamba (c. 1582 – December 17, 1663) was the Ngola of Ndongo and Queen of Matamba. Her father was Ngola Ndambi Kiluanji.


Early lifeEdit

Nzingha was born around 1582 to her parents, Ndambi Kiluanji and Kangela. Her father was the Ngola (ruler) of the Mbundu people of Ndongo. Nzingha's mother was a slave, before the Ngola married her and Kwumi at the same time. Kwumi gave birth to Mbandi two weeks after Nzingha's birth. Kangela later gave birth to Nzingha's sisters, Mukambu and Kifunji.

After Nzingha learned to walk, her mother brought her to Ajala, an oracle. Ajala informed her that Nzingha was destined to rule Ndongo. Kengela was skeptical at first, until a second reading gave the same results.

1595 – 1596Edit

In June 1595, Nzingha and her sisters began taking lessons from Father Giovanni in secret.

Later lifeEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Nzingha treasured knowledge after Ajala told her "zai–knowledge–is yours forever." Ajala taught Nzingha "about plants and herbs and the names of the ancestors." Nzingha's favorite lessons were with Njali, who taught her about weapons and fighting. She also attended lessons with Father Giovanni, despite seeing him as "the enemy." The priest taught her how to read and write in Portuguese.

Family treeEdit

The Kiluanji Family Tree[2]
♛Mbandi Kiluanji
(1) Kwumi*
Ndambi Kiluanji
(2) Kangela
♛ - Ngola of Ndongo (present-day Angola)
* - Kwumi and Azeze are fictional, the real names of Ndambi's first wife and Nzingha's husband are unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit



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