My Brother's Keeper: Virginia's Diary is the first fictional diary about Virginia Dickens in My America. It was first published in June 2000 and republished in May 2002 with a new cover design. The book was written by Mary Pope Osborne, author two Dear America books.


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"June 30, 1863
Tonight from our attic window, we can see campfires of the Confederates to the west, and we can see Union campfires twinkling to the south. Mrs. McCully said we are headed for a big disaster indeed. She said two huge armies so close to each other can only mean a mighty storm is coming. And no one can do a thing to stop it.
During the days leading up to the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, Virginia Dickens begins keeping a diary. At first, there is little to report. But all too soon, peaceful Gettysburg becomes the center of the biggest battle of the Civil War. Ginny is trapped there, wondering if her father and brother will make it home.

"In Book One of her diary, Virginia Dickens, known as Ginny, is trapped in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a small town that becomes the center of the biggest battle of the Civil War. She prays for the safety of her family as the battle rages around her."



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  • NCSS/CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People (2001)[3]


"The author would like to thank her editor, Amy Griffin, for her wonderful support. She would also like to thank Diane Garvey Nesin, Jean Feiwel, and the Gettysburg Visitor Center."


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