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Mon Histoire (English: "My Story") is a French series of fictional diaries based on Scholastic's Dear America. The books have been published by Gallimard Jeunesse since 2005. Some of the books were republished under Gallimard's imprint, "Folio Junior".

The books are similar to Dear America, The Royal Diaries, and Scholastic UK's My Story. Several books in Mon Histoire are French reprints of books from Dear America, The Royal Diaries, and My Story, including Patricia McKissack's A Picture of Freedom and Nzingha, Kathryn Lasky's A Journey to the New World, Marie Antoinette, and Mary, Queen of Scots, Kristiana Gregory's Cleopatra VII and Catherine, Carolyn Meyer's Isabel, Carol Drinkwater's The Hunger and Twentieth-Century Girl, and Pamela Oldfield's The Great Plague.



Cover No. Title Author Published ISBN
SOS-Titanic 1 S.O.S. Titanic Christine Féret-Fleury April 2005[1] 9782070511532
During-the-Hundred-Years-War 2 Pendant la guerre de Cent Ans
("During the Hundred Years' War")
Brigitte Coppin April 2005[2] 9782070516964
Marie-Antoinette-Fr 3 Marie-Antoinette Kathryn Lasky
Lilas Nord (translator)
April 2005[3] 9782070511563
Great-Plague-Fr 4 L'Année de la grande peste
("The Year of the Great Plague")
Pamela Oldfield
Alice Seelow (translator)
April 2005[4] 9782070511549
In-Occupied-Paris 5 Dans Paris occupé
("In Occupied Paris")
Paule Du Bouchet September 2005[5] 9782070520206
Cleopatra-Fr 6 Cléopâtre, fille du Nil
("Cleopatra, Daughter of the Nile")
Kristiana Gregory
Marie Saint-Dizier (translator)
September 2005[6] 9782070511556
I-Am-a-Slave 7 Je suis une esclave
("I Am a Slave")
Patricia C. McKissack
Bee Formentelli (translator)
September 2005[7] 9782070570379
Josephine's-Smile 8 Le sourire de Joséphine
("Josephine's Smile")
Claude Helft September 2005[8] 9782070517053
Nzingha-Fr 9 Nzingha Patricia C. McKissack
Marie Saint-Dizier (translator)
April 2006[9] 9782070570362
On-Route-to-the-New-World 10 En route vers le Nouveau Monde
("On Route to the New World")
Kathryn Lasky
Bee Formentelli (translator)
April 2006[10] 9782070570386
The-Time-of-Cherries 11 Le Temps des cerises
("The Time of Cherries")
Christine Féret-Fleury August 2006[11] 9782070577262
Catherine-Fr 12 Catherine, princesse de Russie
("Catherine, Princess of Russia")
Kristiana Gregory
Julie Lafon (translator)
August 2006[12] 9782070577675
During-the-Famine-in-Ireland 13 Pendant la famine, en Irlande
("During the Famine in Ireland")
Carol Drinkwater
Bee Formentelli (translator)
August 2006[13] 9782070577682
During-the-French-Revolution 14 Sous la Révolution française
("During the French Revolution")
Dominique Joly August 2006[14] 9782070577279
Mary-Fr 15 Marie Stuart Kathryn Lasky
Julie Lafon (translator)
April 2007[15] 9782070612031
I-Fled-Nazi-Germany 16 J'ai fui l'Allemagne nazie
("I Fled Nazi Germany")
Yaël Hassan April 2007[16] 9782070611959
At-the-Dawn-of-the-Russian-Revolution 17 À l'aube de la révolution russe
("At the Dawn of the Russian Revolution")
Anne-Marie Pol August 2007[17] 9782070612345
At-the-Time-of-Christian-Matyrs 18 Au temps des martyrs chrétiens
("At the Time of Christian Martyrs")
Paule Du Bouchet August 2007[18] 9782070613021
Sissi 19 Sissi Catherine de Lasa April 2008[19] 9782070613267
At-the-Time-of-Francis-I 20 Au temps de François 1er
("At the Time of Francis I")
Brigitte Coppin September 2008[20] 9782070617395
The-Dawn-of-the-20th-Century 21 À l'aube du XXe siècle
("The Dawn of the 20th Century")
Carol Drinkwater
Julie Lafon (translator)
September 2008[21] 9782070617401
At-the-Court-of-Louis-XIV 22 À la cour de Louis XIV
("At the Court of Louis XIV")
Dominique Joly September 2008[22] 9782070616930
Catherine-de-Medici 23 Catherine de Médicis Catherine de Lasa April 2009[23] 9782070623860
Isabel-Fr 24 Isabelle de Castille
("Isabel of Castilla")
Carolyn Meyer
Bee Formentelli (translator)
September 2009[24] 9782070627103
Constance 25 Constance, fiancée de Mozart
("Constance, Mozart's Fiancée")
Isabelle Duquesnoy September 2009[25] 9782070625598
The-Ashes-of-Pompeii 26 Les cendres de Pompéi
("The Ashes of Pompeii")
Christine Féret-Fleury May 2010[26] 9782070628070
Yves-Captive-of-Pirates 27 Yves, captif des pirates
("Yves, Captive of Pirates")
Dominique Joly May 2010[27] 9782070624607
For-the-Impressionists 28 Du côté des impressionnistes
("For the Impressionists")
Clara Bourreau September 2010[28] 9782070629787
Martin-Apprentice-of-Gutenberg 29 Martin, apprenti de Gutenberg
("Martin, Apprentice of Gutenberg")
Sophie Humann September 2010[29] 9782070623297
Li-Mei 30 Li Mei Isabelle Duquesnoy May 2011[30] 9782070695171
William-Viking-Chief's-Son 31 Guillaume, fils de chef viking
("William, the Viking Chief's Son")
Sigrid Renaud May 2011[31] 9782070639021
Anne-de-Bretagne 32 Anne de Bretagne September 2011[32] Catherine de Lasa 9782070631155
Minemes 33 Minémès, explorateur pour Pharaon
("Minemes, Explorer for the Pharaoh")
Viviane Koenig September 2011[33] 9782070639038
At-the-Time-of-Crinolines 34 Au temps des crinolines
("At the Time of Crinolines")
Jean-Côme Noguès April 2012[34] 9782070644292
The-Singer-of-Vivaldi 35 La chanteuse de Vivaldi
("The Singer of Vivaldi")
Christine Féret-Fleury April 2012[35] 9782070639014
Nurse-During-World-War-1 36 Infirmière pendant la Première Guerre mondiale
("Nurse During World War I")
Sophie Humann September 2012[36] 9782070645886
Anne-Fiancee-of-Louis 37 Anne, fiancée de Louis XIII
(Anne, Fiancée of Louis XIII")
Isabelle Duquesnoy September 2012[37] 9782070647095
At-the-Time-of-Greek-Theater 38 Au temps du théâtre grec
("At the Time of Greek Theater")
Viviane Koenig April 2013[38] 9782070648702
My-Dream-of-America 39 Mon rêve d'Amérique
("My Dream of America")
Yaël Hassan April 2013[39] 9782070648696
Blanche-of-Castille 40 Blanche de Castille Catherine de Lasa September 2013[40] 9782070647071
Leon-on-the-Site-of-the-Eiffel-Tower 41 Léon, sur le chantier de la tour Eiffel
("Leon, on the Site of the Eiffel Tower")
Dominique Joly August 2014[41] 9782070647484
Geisha-Apprentice 42 Apprentie Geisha
("Geisha Apprentice")
Isabelle Duquesnoy August 2014[42] 9782070655465
Moliere's-Actress 43 Comédienne de Molière
("Molière's Actress")
Christine Féret-Fleury April 2015[43] 9782070657001
Marco-Polo 44 Marco Polo, la grande aventure
("Marco Polo, the Great Adventure")
Viviane Koenig March 2016[44] 9782070669400

Folio JuniorEdit

Cover No. Title Author Published ISBN
Marie-Antoinette-FJ 1 Marie Antoinette Kathryn Lasky
Lilas Nord (translator)
January 2015[45] 9782070664535
In-Occupied-Paris-FJ 2 Dans Paris occupé
("In Occupied Paris")
Paule Du Bouchet January 2015[46] 9782070664528
Sissi-FJ 3 Sissi Catherine de Lasa August 2015[47] 9782070668380
I-Fled-Nazi-Germany-FJ 4 J'ai fui l'Allemagne nazie
("I Fled Nazi Germany")
Yaël Hassan August 2015[48] 9782070668397
At-the-Court-of-Louis-XIV-FJ 5 À la cour de Louis XIV
("At the Court of Louis XIV")
Dominique Joly January 2016[49] 9782070560073
SOS-Titanic-FJ 6 S.O.S. Titanic Christine Féret-Fleury January 2016[50] 9782070560066
Cleopatra-FJ 7 Cléopâtre, fille du Nil
("Cleopatra, Daughter of the Nile")
Kristiana Gregory
Marie Saint-Dizier (translator)
September 2016[51] 9782070587063
During-the-Hundred-Years-War-FJ 8 Pendant la guerre de Cent Ans
("During the Hundred Years' War")
Brigitte Coppin September 2016[52] 9782070587520
Nurse-During-World-War-1-FJ 9 Infirmière pendant la Première Guerre mondiale
("Nurse During World War I")
Sophie Humann February 2017[53] 9782075077422
I-Am-a-Slave-FJ 10 Je suis une esclave
("I Am a Slave")
Patricia C. McKissack
Bee Formentelli (translator)
February 2017[54] 9782075077378


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