Message in the Sky
Book information
Author Sharon Dennis Wyeth
Series My America
Publishers Scholastic
Publication date May 1, 2003[1]
Pages 112
ISBN 9780439370578
Book in series 14
Preceded by Flying Free
Followed by
Publication order
Preceded by For This Land
Followed by The Wild Year

Message in the Sky: Corey's Diary, Book Three is historical fiction book written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth. It was the third book about Corey Birdsong in Scholastic's My America. It was published in May 2003.


"For my cousin Cory"

Book descriptionEdit

"In Book One, Corey and his family flee slavery and the South. In Book Two, they celebrate their freedom, beginning new lives in Canada. Now, Corey has started school, and his family has built their own farm. But when Corey hatches a plan to help an old friend escape to Canada, he himself becomes a conductor on the Underground Railroad!"



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"The author wishes to thank the following generous scholars for sharing their knowledge with her: Elise Harding-Davis, curator of the North American Black Historical Museum in Amherstburg, Ontario; Nneka Allen, research assistant; Carl Westmoreland of the National Undergroud Railroad Freedom Center; and Jennifer Lushear, curator of education at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. The Freedom-Seekers: Blacks in Early Canada, by Daniel G. Hill, published in 1992 by Stoddart Publishing Company, Toronto, was also an invaluable resource. A special thanks to my editor, Amy Griffin, whose exquisite sensibility I greatly admire."


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