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Princess of Egypt from My Story is set in 1490 B.C.

This is a list of books that orders the books in Dear America and its spin-offs by the year they are set in. The list includes the following series: Dear America, The Royal Diaries, My Name Is America, My America, Dear Canada, I Am Canada, My Story, My Australian Story, My New Zealand Story, Fy Hanes I, Dear India, and Mon Histoire.


Series' spans
Series Earliest Latest
Year Title Year Title
Dear America 1620 A Journey to the New World 1968 Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Dear Canada 1666 Alone in an Untamed Land 1966 These Are My Words
Dear India 1647 The Making of the Taj 1942 Give Us Freedom
Fy Hanes I 1582 Gwas y Stabl 1969 Yr Arwisgo
I Am Canada 1758 Brothers in Arms 1944 Behind Enemy Lines
Mon Histoire 1472 BC Minémès, explorateur
pour Pharaon
1940 Dans Paris occupé
My America 1609 Our Strange New Land 1903 An American Spring
My Australian Story 1785 On Board the Boussole 2001 Refugee
My New Zealand Story 1839 Land of Promise 2010 Canterbury Quake
My Story 2517 BC Pyramid of Secrets 1944 What If They Find Us?
The Royal Diaries 57 BC Cleopatra VII: Daughter of
the Nile
1914 Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess

3rd — 1st millennium BCEdit

Decade Years Title Series Notes
2510s BC 2517 BC Pyramid of Secrets My Story [1]
1490s BC 1490 BC Princess of Egypt My Story
1470s BC 1472 BC Minémès, explorateur pour Pharaon Mon Histoire
460s BC 468 BC Au temps du théâtre grec Mon Histoire
50s BC 57 BC – 55 BC Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile The Royal Diaries

1st — 13th centuryEdit

Decade Years Title Series Notes
70s AD 78 — 79 Pompeii My Story
AD 79 Les cendres de Pompéi Mon Histoire
80s AD 84 Roman Invasion My Story
170s AD 175 — 178 Au temps des martyrs chrétiens Mon Histoire
530s AD 531 Lady of Ch'iao Kuo: Warrior of the South The Royal Diaries
590s AD 595 Sondok: Princess of the Moon and Stars The Royal Diaries
740s AD 749 Lady of Palenque: Flower of Bacal The Royal Diaries
910s 911 — 912 Guillaume, fils de chef viking Mon Histoire
1000s 1008 Viking Blood My Story
1130s 1136 — 1137 Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine The Royal Diaries
1190s 1199 — 1200 Blanche de Castille Mon Histoire
1260s 1269 — 1275 Marco Polo, la grande aventure Mon Histoire

15th — 16th centuryEdit

Decade Years Title Series Notes
1410s 1415 Agincourt My Story
1418 Pendant la guerre de Cent Ans Mon Histoire
1460s 1466 — 1469 Isabel: Jewel of Castilla The Royal Diaries
1467 — 1468 Martin, apprenti de Gutenberg Mon Histoire
1480s 1488 — 1491 Anne de Bretagne Mon Histoire
1490s 1490 Anacaona: Golden Flower The Royal Diaries
1500s 1501 — 1513 My Tudor Queen My Story
1510s 1515 — 1516 Au temps de François 1er Mon Histoire
1520s 1525 — 1536 Anne Boleyn and Me My Story
1530s 1530 — 1533 Catherine de Médicis Mon Histoire
1536 — 1548 Henry VIII's Wives My Story
1540s 1544 — 1547 Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor The Royal Diaries
1547 — 1554 Lady Jane Grey My Story
1550s 1553 — 1559 Bloody Tower My Story
1553 — 1554 Mary, Queen of Scots: Queen Without a Country The Royal Diaries
1580s 1582 — 1593 Gwas y Stabl Fy Hanes I
1583 — 1586 The Queen's Spies My Story
1587 — 1588 Armada My Story
1590s 1595 — 1596 Nzingha: Warrior Queen of Matamba The Royal Diaries

17th centuryEdit

Decade Years Title Series Notes
1600s 1609 Our Strange New Land My America
1609 — 1610 The Starving Time My America
1610s 1610 — 1611 Season of Promise My America
1615 — 1617 Anne, fiancée de Louis XIII Mon Histoire
1620s 1620 — 1621 The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce My Name Is America
A Journey to the New World Dear America
1627 — 1631 Jahanara: Princess of Princesses The Royal Diaries
1630s 1638 — 1639 Kristina: The Girl King The Royal Diaries
1640s 1643 — 1650 Civil War My Story
1647 The Making of the Taj Dear India [2]
1650s 1653 Weetamoo: Heart of the Pocassets The Royal Diaries
1658 — 1661 Comédienne de Molière Mon Histoire
1660s 1665 — 1666 The Great Plague My Story
1666 — 1667 Alone in an Untamed Land Dear Canada
1670s 1670 Highway Girl My Story
1680s 1684 — 1685 À la cour de Louis XIV Mon Histoire
1690s 1691 — 1692 I Walk in Dread Dear America
1692 — 1693 Li Mei Mon Histoire

18th centuryEdit

Decade Years Title Series Notes
1710s 1718 Yves, captif des pirates Mon Histoire
1720s 1720 La chanteuse de Vivaldi Mon Histoire
1721 Winter of Peril Dear Canada
1724 — 1725 Marie, fiancée de Louis XV Mon Histoire
1740s 1743 — 1745 Catherine: The Great Journey The Royal Diaries
1745 — 1746 The '45 Rising My Story
1750s 1755 — 1756 Banished from Our Home Dear Canada
1758 Brothers in Arms I Am Canada
1759 The Death of My Country Dear Canada
Storm the Fortress I Am Canada
1760s 1763 — 1764 Standing in the Light Dear America
1763 Look to the Hills Dear America
1769 — 1771 Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles The Royal Diaries
1770s 1774 — 1775 A True Patriot My Name Is America
Love Thy Neighbor Dear America
1776 Five Smooth Stones My America
1777 We Are Patriots My America
1777 — 1778 The Winter of Red Snow Dear America
1779 — 1781 Cannons at Dawn Dear America
1780s 1781 — 1783 Constance, fiancée de Mozart Mon Histoire
1783 — 1784 With Nothing But Our Courage Dear Canada
1785 — 1788 On Board the Boussole My Australian Story
1789 No Way Back My Story [3]
1789 — 1791 Sous la Révolution française Mon Histoire
1790s 1790 Surviving Sydney Cove My Australian Story
1792 — 1794 The Fall of the Blade My Story
1799 — 1806 Trafalgar My Story

19th centuryEdit

Decade Years Title Series Notes
1800s 1801 Convict Girl My Australian Story
1804 — 1805 Blazing West My Name Is America
Le sourire de Joséphine Mon Histoire
1807 — 1809 The Rum Rebellion My Australian Story
1810s 1812 Whispers of War Dear Canada
A Call to Battle I Am Canada
1814 — 1817 Waterloo My Story
1815 — 1817 Footsteps in the Snow Dear Canada
1820s 1829 — 1831 Victoria: May Blossom of Britannia The Royal Diaries
1830s 1835 — 1836 A Line in the Sand Dear America
1837 — 1838 A Rebel's Daughter Dear Canada
1838 On This Long Journey My Name Is America
1839 — 1840 Land of Promise My New Zealand Story
1840s 1840 A New Song in the Land My New Zealand Story
1842 — 1843 Mill Girl My Story
1845 — 1847 The Hunger My Story
1845 — 1846 Valley of the Moon Dear America
1845 The Journal of Jedediah Barstow My Name Is America
Graves of Ice I Am Canada
1846 The Journal of Douglas Allen Deeds My Name Is America
1847 Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie Dear America
So Far from Home Dear America
A Sea of Sorrows Dear Canada
1848 All the Stars in the Sky Dear America
Westward to Home My America
1848 — 1849 A Perfect Place My America
1849 Seeds of Hope Dear America
The Wild Year My America
Where the River Takes Me Dear Canada
1850s 1850 — 1851 The Crystal Palace My Story
1852 Staking a Claim My Name Is America
1853 — 1854 Elisabeth: The Princess Bride The Royal Diaries
1853 — 1855 Sissi Mon Histoire
1853 — 1857 Crimea My Story
1854 A Banner Bold My Australian Story [4]
1855 Au temps des crinolines Mon Histoire
1856 As Far As I Can See My America
For This Land My America
1856 — 1857 A Fine Start My America
1857 — 1858 Freedom's Wings My America
Indian Mutiny My Story
1858 — 1862 Kazunomiya: Prisoner of Heaven The Royal Diaries
1858 — 1859 Flying Free My America
1859 Message in the Sky My America
1859 — 1860 A Picture of Freedom Dear America
1860s 1860 — 1861 A Light in the Storm Dear America
New Gold Mountain My Australian Story [5]
Archer's Melbourne Cup My Australian Story
1862 The Journal of Rufus Rowe My Name Is America
A Trail of Broken Dreams Dear Canada
Finding Father My New Zealand Story
1863 — 1864 A Desperate Road to Freedom Dear Canada
My Brother's Keeper My America
On Enemy Soil My Name Is America
When Will This Cruel War Be Over? Dear America
1864 — 1865 After the Rain My America
Riding with Thunderbolt My Australian Story
1864 The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow Dear America
1865 I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly Dear America
1866 A Country of Our Own Dear Canada
1867 — 1869 Until the Last Spike My Name Is America
1868 — 1869 The Great Railroad Race Dear America
1870s 1870 The Sweep's Boy My Story
1870 — 1871 Le Temps des cerises Mon Histoire
1871 Victorian Workhouse My Story
The Journal of Joshua Loper My Name Is America
Down the Rabbit Hole Dear America
1873 Land of the Buffalo Bones Dear America
1873 — 1874 Du côté des impressionnistes Mon Histoire
1874 The Journal of Brian Doyle My Name Is America
1876 The Yankee Whaler My Australian Story
1879 The Hunt for Ned Kelly My Australian Story
Escape from Cockatoo Island My Australian Story
1879 — 1882 Zulu War My Story
1880s 1880 Behind the Masks Dear America
My Heart Is on the Ground Dear America
1881 — 1882 My Face to the Wind Dear America
1882 — 1883 Escape from Sarau My New Zealand Story
A Ribbon of Shining Steel Dear Canada
1882 Blood and Iron I Am Canada
1883 West to a Land of Plenty Dear America
1885 Blood Upon Our Land Dear Canada
1886 Fire in the Sky My New Zealand Story
1887 — 1888 Days of Toil and Tears Dear Canada
1888 Factory Girl My Story [6]
1888 — 1889 Léon, sur le chantier de la tour Eiffel Mon Histoire
1889 — 1893 Kaiulani: The People's Princess The Royal Diaries
1890s 1892 Flame and Ashes Dear Canada
1893 Be Counted! My New Zealand Story
1896 "The Mine’s Afire!" My New Zealand Story
1896 — 1897 A Coal Miner's Bride Dear America
1897 Orphan at My Door Dear Canada
1899 The Journal of Finn Reardon My Name Is America
1899 — 1900 Twentieth-Century Girl My Story
Claw of the Dragon My Australian Story
Poor Man's Gold My New Zealand Story
1899 — 1903 Streic Fy Hanes I

20th — 21st centuryEdit

Decade Years Title Series Notes
1900s 1900 Plagues and Federation My Australian Story
1902 All Fall Down Dear Canada
1903 — 1905 Dreams in the Golden Country Dear America
1903 — 1904 The Melting Pot My Australian Story
1905 The Journal of Otto Peltonen My Name Is America
1906 A City Tossed and Broken Dear America
1907 Castaway My New Zealand Story
1909 — 1913 Suffragette My Story
1909 Hear My Sorrow Dear America
1910s 1912 Voyage on the Great Titanic Dear America
S.O.S. Titanic Mon Histoire
That Fatal Night Dear Canada
Deadly Voyage I Am Canada
1914 — 1916 Prisoners in the Promised Land Dear Canada
1914 — 1915 Mon rêve d'Amérique Mon Histoire
1914 — 1918 Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess The Royal Diaries
The Trenches My Story
Infirmière pendant la Première Guerre mondiale Mon Histoire
1915 — 1916 Our Enemy, My Friend My Australian Story
1915 Gallipoli My Australian Story [7]
1915 — 1918 Flying Ace My Story
1916 Standing Alone My Story
Brothers Far from Home Dear Canada
Fire in the Sky I Am Canada
1916 — 1917 À l'aube de la révolution russe Mon Histoire
1917 Road to War My Story
A Time for Courage Dear America
Shot at Dawn I Am Canada
1917 — 1918 No Safe Harbour Dear Canada
1917 — 1919 When Christmas Comes Again Dear America
1918 Pandemic My New Zealand Story
My Father's War My Australian Story [8]
1918 — 1919 Like the Willow Tree Dear America
A Different Sort of Real My Australian Story
If I Die Before I Wake Dear Canada
1919 Color Me Dark Dear America
1919 — 1921 Fords and Flying Machines My Australian Story
1920s 1921 — 1924 Kauri in My Blood My New Zealand Story
1922 — 1923 An Ocean Apart Dear Canada
1923 Apprentie Geisha Mon Histoire
1924 — 1925 A Better Life My New Zealand Story
1926 — 1927 A Prairie as Wide as the Sea Dear Canada
1927 — 1928 Outback My Australian Story
1930s 1930 — 1931 Earthquake! My New Zealand Story
1931 — 1932 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Dear America
1932 — 1933 Our Don Bradman My Australian Story
Not a Nickel to Spare Dear Canada
1932 Christmas After All Dear America
Sydney Harbour Bridge My Australian Story [9]
1935 The Journal of C.J. Jackson My Name Is America
Survival in the Storm Dear America
1935 — 1936 Below the Mountains My New Zealand Story
1936 Berlin Olympics My Story [10]
1937 To Stand On My Own Dear Canada
Who Am I? My Australian Story
1938 One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping Dear America
1938 — 1939 J'ai fui l'Allemagne nazie Mon Histoire
1938 — 1943 Nowhere to Run My Story
1939 The Storm to Come My Story
1939 — 1947 Wartime Princess My Story [11][12]
1939 — 1940 War Nurse My Story
Sophie's Secret War My Story
1939 — 1941 Battle of Britain My Story
1939 — 1945 U-Boat Hunter My Story
1940s 1940 Codename Céline My Story [13]
Hero at Dunkirk My Story
Sink and Destroy I Am Canada
Heroes of Tobruk My Australian Story [14]
1940 — 1941 Exiles from the War Dear Canada
Blitz My Story
Dans Paris occupé Mon Histoire
1941 — 1942 My Secret War Dear America
Turned Away Dear Canada
Kokoda My Australian Story [15]
Lighthouse Family My New Zealand Story
1941 Early Sunday Morning Dear America
Defend or Die I Am Canada
Torn Apart Dear Canada
1941 — 1943 The Fences Between Us Dear America
1942 Prisoner of Dieppe I Am Canada
Give Us Freedom Dear India [16]
The Bombing of Darwin My Australian Story
Chinatown Girl My New Zealand Story
1942 — 1943 Desert Danger My Story
The Journal of Ben Uchida My Name Is America
1942 — 1944 Spy Smuggler My Story
1943 Sniper Fire I Am Canada
A Long Way From Home My New Zealand Story
1944 D-Day My Story
We Were Heroes My Name Is America
Behind Enemy Lines I Am Canada
1944 — 1945 What If They Find Us? My Story
1948 Pieces of the Past Dear Canada
Down to the Last Out My Name Is America
1950s 1953 Atomic Testing My Australian Story
Journey to Tangiwai My New Zealand Story
1954 — 1955 With the Might of Angels Dear America
1956 A Marathon of Her Own My Australian Story
1958 — 1959 Snowy My Australian Story
Harbour Bridge My New Zealand Story
1960s 1966 These Are My Words Dear Canada
1967 — 1968 Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Dear America
Into No Man's Land My Name Is America
1968 Abandon Ship! My New Zealand Story
1969 Vietnam My Australian Story [17]
Yr Arwisgo Fy Hanes I
1970s 1974 A Tale of Two Families My Australian Story
Cyclone Tracy My Australian Story [18]
1975 Aquarius, My Ohu Year My New Zealand Story
1977 — 1978 Bastion Point My New Zealand Story
1979 No Survivors My New Zealand Story
1980s 1981 Sitting on the Fence My New Zealand Story
1985 Sabotage! My New Zealand Story
1988 Cyclone Bola My New Zealand Story
1990s 1995 Cup Magic My New Zealand Story
2000s 2001 — 2002 Refugee My Australian Story
2010s 2010 — 2011 Canterbury Quake My New Zealand Story



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