Pringle on the cover

All the characters that appear in Down the Rabbit Hole.

Main character

Priscilla (Pringle) Duncan Rose was the protagonist in Down the Rabbit HoleShe was around 14 years old and she lived in Scranton, Pennsylvania with her parents and younger brother Gideon. That was until the carriage crash happened. Gideon was all right but her parents weren't. Pringle was quite stubborn in the story and was protective of Gideon since he had down syndrome. Her pet peeve was when people lied. Pringle's best friend was Merricat and she had a cat named Mozie.

Supporting characters

Mary Catherine (Merricat) Fisher was Pringle's best friend. She dreamed of being an author and throughout the mourning of Pringle's parents, she was always there for her friend. Merricat went to Merrywood School for Girls in Philadelphia with Pringle. At one point Merricat's mother found the letters Pringle and Merricat had been writing while Pringle was off with her uncle and aunt back in Scranton. Merricat's mother stopped their correspondence after she read what Pringle had to say about her aunt.

Gideon Rose was Pringle's younger brother who had down syndrome. Gideon was sometimes clueless about what was happening around him but that didn't stop him from being unable to understand everything that was happening. He was understandably very upset when his parents died, and didn't talk for a good amount of time. Nonetheless, Gideon was very brave and friendly to everybody he met.

Gwyneth (Gwen) Pritchard meets Pringle first on the train to Chicago. She had three children Lucy, Adam, and Sallie and is married to a man named Peter Pritchard. She is very kind to Gideon and Pringle at first and even takes them but over time that changes.

Peter Pritchard is Gwen's husband and he has three children Lucy, Adam, and Sallie. He is very kind to Gideon and Pringle, and even gives Gideon a job! Peter went to Harvard with Robert Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln.

Lucy Pritchard is the oldest daughter of Gwen Pritchard. In the book, he is 4 years old and is known for not following the rules and often throwing temper tantrums.

Adam Pritchard is the only son of Gwen Pritchard. He is the middle child, and he becomes very good friends with Gideon.

Sallie Pritchard is the youngest daughter of Gwen Pritchard. In the book, she is a baby and she follows the rules more than her older sister Lucy.

Edward Rose was Pringle's uncle who was way kinder to Pringle and Gideon than his wife. He respected Gideon and his condition, though he never was very close with Pringle and Gideon's father.

Adeline Rose was Pringle's aunt and was very rude to Pringle and Gideon. She didn't understand Gideon's condition and she often hit him for not apologizing after he burped. She favored her daughter Ellen even if Ellen did something wrong.

Ellen Rose was Pringle's cousin. She became pretty good friends with Pringle and Gideon, even though in the story she blames them for doing some things they didn't. Ellen loved to sing and dance and even ran off to join a vaudeville act

Mrs. Duggan's are the two Duggan are two related women who are were on the train to Chicago and Pringle and Gideon. They tended to be very judgy about their fellow train-mates. The Duggans were very high class and Pringle refered to them as the "older Mrs. Duggan" and the "younger Mrs. Duggan." The older Mrs. Duggan's grandson liked to brag about her grandson Harold who was at the top of his Harvard class.

Cager "Rabbit" Pritchard was one of Pringle's lovers who was Gwen's younger brother. Pringle accuses him of being a "murderer" because of something he did before her parents' carriage crash. He supposedly died in the Chicago Fire.

Minor characters

Annabella Duncan was Pringle's great-grandmother who came to America when she was only 14 and made her business by sewing and ended up very successful.

Beatrice Ringwald was a very good friend of Pringle's mother. She was very independent and in the book, she ended up in a mental asylum. Beatrice ended up in the mental asylum because she was very close to the Humane Society and would often speak out even though at the time it wasn't right for women to do so.

Dr. van Lavendar was an old family friend of Adeline Rose, and who Adeline hired to examine Gideon.

Eliza Duncan Rose was Pringle and Gideon's mother who was very good friends with Beatrice Ringwald and was free-spirited like her husband Franklin

Franklin Rose was Pringle's father who was very free-spirited.

Harold Pritchard the grandson of the "older Mrs. Duggan" was at the top of his Harvard class.

Miss. Westcott was the headmistress at Merrywood School for Girls in Philadelphia.

Jenkins was one of the Rose family servants.

Lord Duncan Abbot was Pringle's great-grandfather married to Annabella Duncan and was known for his fine sheep wool.

Mozie was the Rose family cat, and he loved his owners.

Mr. Wallace was one of the workers at Peter Pritchard's newspaper who often joked around.

Mr. York was one of the hucksters in Scranton.

Mrs. Goodfellow was one of the cooks at the Pritchard house

Mrs. Goodwin was the housekeeper at Pringle's aunt and uncle's house. In the time that Pringle and Gideon lived there, she was very kind to them.

Mrs. Robson was the Scottish cook at Pringle's aunt and uncle's house.

Reverend Porter was the reverend at Merrywood School for Girls in Philadelphia.

Robert Lincoln was the son of Abraham Lincoln and a close classmate of Peter Pritchard