Lady of Ch'iao Kuo: Warrior of the South is the eighth book in Scholastic's The Royal Diaries. The book was published in September 2001 and was written by Laurence Yep. It was followed by Victoria: May Blossom of Britannia.


"To Lee, who will also find some battles."

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"2nd Month, 3rd Day
...There was a time that the Chinese could just make up stories and write them down. They didn't have to be afraid of the enemies attacking. They could make gardens instead of forts. They could walk out at night without any weapons and look up at stars. Master Chen calls it "peace." It is hard to think there really is such a thing. I find it easier to believe that a warrior can fly through the stars in a magic chariot. However, the history books and Master Chen all say peace really existed.



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"My thanks to the patient, hardworking Ng Kum Hoon who translated the medieval Chinese and tried to untangle the geography for me. If there are mistakes, it is in my interpretation rather than in his translation. I also wish to thank my patient wife, Joanne, who only saw the back of my head while I was writing."


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