Goldie Alexander is an Australian author. She has written over eighty fiction and nonfiction books for children, young adults, and adults. Alexander wrote the My Australian Story book, Surviving Sydney Cove in 2000.


Goldie Alexander's parents migrated from Poland to Australia, shortly before World War II. Alexander was born in Melbourne.

She wrote her first young adult novels under the pseudonym, "Gerri Lapin". Her first novel under her real name was Mavis Road Medley.


My Australian StoryEdit

Selected worksEdit

  • Body and Soul: Lilbet's Romance (2003)
  • A Grevillea Murder Mystery (2011)
  • Dessi's Romance (2013)
  • Neptunia (2013)
  • That Stranger Next Door (2014)
  • Penelope's Ghost (2014)
  • My Holocaust Story: Hanna (2015)

External linksEdit

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