Freedom's Wings: Corey's Diary is the fictional diary in Scholastic's My America series. The book was the feature Corey Birdsong as the main character. It was published in May 2001 and reissued a year later with a new cover design. The book was written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth, her first in the series.


"For Georgia"

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"March 22, 1858
Mama and me ran. Our turn to fly. We will meet up with Daddy someday. Mr. Renfield said we will make that happen. Mama and me in a cave. Got onions rubbed on our feet. Them dogs can't smell us that way. We wait for dark. No one can see us. Follow the drinkin' gourd, say Mr. Renfield. You will taste your freedom. What does freedom taste like? Where is Daddy?
Having learned to read and write from his father, Corey Birdsong records in his diary his daily life as a slave on the Hart Farm. But when Corey's father flees to the North, Corey's fate changes as he and his mother make the dangerous journey along the Underground Railroad.

"In Book One of his diary, Corey Birdsong's fate changes when his father flees the Kentucky plantation where they are slaves. Now Corey and his mother must head towards freedom, too, along the Underground Railroad."



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  • NCSS/CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People (2002)[3]


"The author wishes to thank the following people and institutions for generously sharing their knowledge and publications with her: Betty Campbell of the John Parker Historical Society, Carl Westmoreland of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Tom Appleton of the Kentucky Historical Society, Ohio naturalists Tom Thomson and Bob Conlon. Also to New Jersey Audubon Society, Schermann-Hoffman Sanctuary, and naturalist Mike Anderson for a lengthy consultation at the sanctuary. She also wishes to acknowledge her editor, Amy Griffin, whose skill and enthusiasm she greatly admires."


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