Alone in an Untamed Land
Book information
Author Maxine Trottier
Series Dear Canada
Publishers Scholastic Canada
Publication date March 1, 2003[1]
Pages 224
ISBN 9780439989695
Book in series 7
Preceded by
Preceded by Whispers of War
Followed by Brothers Far from Home

Alone in an Untamed Land: The Filles du Roi Diary of Hélène St. Onge is the seventh book in Scholastic's Dear Canada series. The book was Maxine Trottier's first in the series. It was published in March 2003 and released in French later that year.

The story follows Hélène St. Onge, who accompanies her sister Catherine to New France as a filles du roi.


"For Lauren Jones, my niece in the 18th century"

Book descriptionEdit

"le 22 juin 1666
I stood on deck and watched France disappear in the mist. Catherine stayed inside the ship, below, the captain calls it. But I had to watch. I may never see France again. I wept. My cheeks were damp with the mist and so I think that no one saw. I did not care if they did. I only wished to be alone inside myself and let the image of France burn into my mind. Then I heard a sound. It was the Indian girl. She had come up on deck and now stood at the ship's rail near me. Her cheeks were as wet with tears as mine were. There was a difference, I soon learned from her. My tears were of loss, born from the idea of leaving France. Hers were tears of joy. "I am going home," she said."

"Le 22 juin 1666
Je suis restée sur le pont à regarder les côtes de France disparaître au loin. Catherine est restée en bas, dans l'entrepont, comme dit le capitaine. Moi, je voulais regarder. Je ne reverrai peut-être jamais plus la France. J'ai pleuré. Mais comme mes joues étaient mouillées d'embruns, je crois que personne ne s'en est aperçu. Et puis, peu importe. Tout ce que je voulais, c'était de rester seule et de graver dans ma mémoire l'image de la France que je quittais. Puis j'ai entendu un bruit. C'était la petite Indienne. Elle était montéee sur le pont et se tenait maintenant appuyée au bastingage, juste à côté de moi. Ses joues ruisselaient de larmes, comme les miennes. Mais pas pour les mêmes raisons. Mes larmes étaient des larmes de tristesse, nées du chagrin que j'éprouvais à quitter la France. Les siennes étaient des larmes de joie. «Je rentre chez moi», a-t-elle dit.



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Maxine Trottier (born May 3, 1950 in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan) is an American-born Canadian author. She has won awards for her children's books, Claire's Gift, Laura: A Childhood Tale of Laura Secord, and The Tiny Kite of Eddy Wing. Trottier is the author of three books in Dear Canada, including The Death of My Country and Blood Upon Our Land, as well as Storm the Fortress from I Am Canada.



  • Hackmatack Children's Choice Award (2004) - shortlisted[3]
  • Tiny Torgi Audio Award (2004) - shortlisted[4]
  • Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre (2004) - commended[4]
  • OLA Silver Birch Award (2004) - shortlisted[5]
  • Arts Hamilton Award for Children's Book (2005) - winner[4]
  • Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children (2005) - shortlisted[4]
  • Red Cedar Award, BC Young Readers' Choice (2006) - shortlisted[6]


"Thanks to Barbara Hehner for her careful checking of the manuscript; and to Andrew Gallup, historian, writer and editor of the journal, Interprétant Nouvelle France."


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