A Princess's Diary is an Indian series of fictional diaries about princesses. The series was released by Scholastic India and was followed by a spin-off titled Dear India. A Princess's Diary is similar to The Royal Diaries, which also published a book about Jahanara.[1] The other two princesses featured in the series were Sanghamitra, daughter of Indian emperor Ashoka,[2] and Jodh Bai, Rajput wife of Mughal emperor Akbar.[3]


Cover No. Title Author Published ISBN
Jahanara-India 1 Jahanara Subhadra Sen Gupta 2001[4] 9788176550765
Sanghamitra 2 Sanghamitra Monisha Mukundan 2002[5] 9788176550895
Jodh-Bai 3 Jodh Bai Subhadra Sen Gupta 2003[6] 9788176552523


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