A Fine Start
Book information
Author Kate McMullan
Series My America
Publishers Scholastic
Publication date August 1, 2003[1]
Pages 106
ISBN 9780439370615
Preceded by For This Land
Followed by
Publication order
Book in series 16
Preceded by The Wild Year
Followed by A Time to Dance

A Fine Start: Meg's Diary, Book Three is a fictional diary written by Kate McMullan. It was the last book in the My America series to feature Meg Wells as the lead characters. The book was published in August 2003 and was preceded by For This Land.


"For Judith M. Sweets, with enormous gratitude"

Book descriptionEdit

"In Book One, Meg and her brother escape the St. Louis cholera epidemic and flee to the Kansas prairie. In Book Two, Meg's family is reunited on the prairie, but their new life is endangered by the invading Border Ruffians trying to make Kansas a slave state. Now, the Wellses desperately try to return to a calmer life, and Meg longs to go to school. But first she must brave the final obstacles of life on the prairie."



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"The author would like to thank her editors, Beth S. Levine and Lisa Sandell, for their encouragement and inspiration. She would also like to thank Judith M. Sweets of the Douglas County Historical Society, Lawrence, Kansas, whose felicitous research provided the author with so many wonderful voices of the brave and hopeful K.T. settlers, especially the charming thirteen-year-old Maggie Harrington, who kept a journal in 1867."


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